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Castor Bean\Tukhm-e-Arandi(تخم ارنڈی)


BAHU PHALI(بہوپھلی)

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Tukhm-E-Konch (تخم کونچ)

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Konch Beej is the Hindi name of Cowhage or Cowitch. The scientific name of the plant is Mucuna pruriens. It belongs to the family Fabaceae of legumes and is a good source of protein. The seeds are generally called Magic Velvet Beans and are an important herb that may be used to help with nervous disorders and potential to help with Parkinson’s disease.

Properties of konch Beej:

Konch Beej may be used in a variety of ailments due to its beneficial properties.

.It may show anti-parasitic property
.It may have anti-microbial property
.It may have antioxidant property
.It may have anti-inflammatory property
.It may show some anti-venom activity
.It may show ant-debility (physical weakness) activity
.It may show blood sugar lowering property

Potential uses of Konch Beej for Parkinson’s Disease:

Levodopa is the widely used drug to treat Parkinson’s disease, since 1960s. However, the low-income countries are at disadvantage to make use of it due to its cost. Recently, Konch Beej with its L-dopa component may have shown potential to help with Parkinson’s disease. It may also exhibit fewer adverse effects than levodopa in studies. This may indicate the potential konch beej in Parkinson’s disease1,3However it is a severe conditions and needs proper medical intervention. Please consult your doctor for better advice.

Potential uses of Kaunch Beej for Diabetes:

In studies the Konch Beej extract is found to have a strong ability to reduce blood glucose levels. Additionally, their may be weight loss in persons with diabetes due to muscle wasting. Konch Beej, research and observations demonstrated that the amount of weight loss due to diabetes was reduced due to konch beej.6,7 This may indicate some beneficial effects of konch beej in diabetic person, but you must always consult a doctor for conditions like diabetes.

    Other uses of Konch Beej

The Konch Beej may have some effect against snake bite venom. It is used as safety measures against snakebites in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.4
Konch Beej may lead to reversing the effect of obesity on liver and adipose tissues when used as dietary supplement.8,9
Though there are studies showing the benefits of konch beej in various conditions, these are insufficient. And there is a need for further studies to establish the true extent of the benefits of konch beej on human health. Furthermore, every person may respond differently to these herbs. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before using konch beej for any medical condition.

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