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Sweet Chirata ( Chiraita Shireen ) – JariBoti



What Is Chirata
Chirata is a popular ayurvedic herb that is chiefly found growing in the sub-temperate regions of the Himalayas ranging from India to Bhutan. Known for its characteristic bitter taste, it goes by the scientific name Swertia chirata. It usually has a height of 3-4 feet and has greenish-yellow flowers with a purplish tinge. Imbued with powerful antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, vermicidal, hepatoprotective, laxative, hypoglycaemic, digestive, and cholagogue properties, chirata is extensively used for combatting against various infections, promoting liver functions, enhancing appetite, boosting digestion, improving metabolism, treating skin diseases, facilitating weight loss and more.

Potential Uses of Chirata for Fever:
Chirata may help to reduce body temperature in fever. The effect of Chirata for fever may be comparable to that of paracetamol. 7 However you must consult a qualified doctor if you have fever as it may be sign of some underlying condition.

Potential Uses of Chirata for Skin:
Chirata plant can be made into a paste and this paste may be used to treat skin diseases like eczema and acne. The decoction obtained from Chirata may help cure skin rashes. Chirata may also be effective for burning sensations, dryness, and itchy skin. 8 It is however, best to consult a dermatologist for their opinion before applying anything on your skin.

Potential Uses of Chirata for Diabetes:
Chirata is effective in lowering blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin release and increasing the uptake of glucose by muscle cells. 10

How to use chirata for liver?

Chirata: The Indian bitter herb that can strengthen liver …
To make this easy tea or morning drink, take 2 sticks of raw or dry chirata. Boil 2 cups of water till it is reduced to ½ th of its original quantity. Filter this water and drink 3-4 teaspoons of it twice a day after meals to get rid of constipation.

Who should not take chirata?

Chirata is unsafe to use in the following medical conditions: Pregnancy and breastfeeding– No adequate information is present to know whether Chirata is safe to use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Intestinal ulcers– It is important to avoid Chirata when having intestinal ulcers as it could worsen the condition.

What are the health benefits of chirata plant?


Chirata is an herb. People use the parts that grow above the ground and the root to make medicine. Some people take chirata by mouth for fever, constipation, upset stomach, loss of appetite, intestinal worms, skin diseases, liverinflammation, stomachinflammation, and cancer.

we can drink chirata daily

As per Ayurveda, taking Chirata water two times a day helps manage fever due to its Jvarghana (antipyretic) property. Chirata is useful in managing skin problems including

.Frequently used for preventing and treating the common cold and flu (influenza).
.Taking Chirata water two times a day.
.Lower blood sugar levels.
.Reduces the accumulation of LDL (i.e. Low-Density Lipoproteins or bad cholesterol) in the body.
.It is often used in beer industries for the bitter ingredients.
.Chirata offers blood purifying activity.

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