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Shaqaqul Misri (شقاقل مصری)



Misri is used widely due to its anti-energetic properties which helps to solve lots of problems including cough, skin disorders, sexual health problems, and many more.

Shakakul Mishri/Shaqaqul Misri:

The Shakakul Mishri is a root vegetable closely related to carrot and parsley; all belong to the family Apiaceae. It is a biennial plant usually grown as an annual. Its long, tuberous root has cream-colored skin and flesh, and, left in the ground to mature, it becomes sweeter in flavor after winter frosts.

The parsnip is native to Eurasia; Shaqaqul Misri has been used as a vegetable since antiquity and was cultivated by the Romans, although some confusion exists between parsnips and carrots in the literature of the time. Shakakul Mishri was used as a sweetener before the arrival in Europe of cane sugar.

Shaqaqul Misri parsnip is usually cooked, but it can also be eaten raw. Shaqaaqul is high in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Shakakul Mishri also contains antioxidants and both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. It should be cultivated in deep, stone-free soil. Shaqaaqul is attacked by the carrot fly and other insect pests, as well as viruses and fungal diseases, of which canker is the most serious. Handling the stems and foliage can cause a skin rash if the skin is exposed to sunlight after handling.

Benefits of Shakakul Mishri

Shakakul mishri: Various types of herbs are used in Ayurveda to cure diseases. One of these is Shakakul Mishri. Yes, Shakakul Mishri is used in Ayurveda to cure various diseases. Shakakul is similar to carrot, it is also used like carrot. Shakakul is sweet in taste and full of nutrients

1:Relieve Constipation

Due to the poor lifestyle nowadays, the problem of constipation has become very common in people. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity are considered the main causes of constipation. If you are also troubled by constipation, then Shakakul sugar can be consumed. Shakakul mishri contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. These fibers ease the process of bowel movement.

2:Beneficial for the skin

Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone has to face skin problems at some point or the other. They adopt many measures to keep the skin beautiful. Shakakul contains antioxidants, it is considered essential for the skin. In addition, the antioxidants present in it are also beneficial for overall health. But protect your skin from the stem and leaves of Shakakul Mishri, it can cause a skin rash.

3: Boost Immunity

To fight against all kinds of diseases, it is very important to strengthen the immunity of the body. Strong immunity helps our body fight diseases. Strong immunity is also necessary to protect against corona virus. Shakakul sugar candy is rich in vitamins, you can also increase your immunity with this. It also protects us from viruses and bacteria.

4: Beneficial in respiratory problems

By making the respiratory system strong, we can protect ourselves from respiratory diseases. For this also you can consume Shakakul Mishri. But if you are already suffering from any respiratory diseases, then consume it only on the advice of the doctor.

5: Aids in Weight Loss

Shakakul is also helpful in weight loss. Actually, there is a high amount of fiber in Shakakul Mishri. It reduces appetite, which helps in weight loss. If you are troubled by obesity, then you can consume Shakakul Mishri. But along with this you also need to follow healthy diet tips.

6:Can remove men’s problems

Shakakul sugar candy is considered very beneficial for men. Many problems of men are overcome by its consumption. It can be consumed to improve premature ejaculation and sexual health. Men can take it on the advice of a doctor to keep themselves energetic and healthy.

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