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Mulethi also known as mulethi churna is one such classical ayurvedic remedy that has a centuries-long repute of being the ultimate grandma’s remedy for cough and sore throat.

This traditional herb exhibits manifold benefits and is extensively used in several folk remedies and classical ayurvedic formulations to treat respiratory problems, obesity, skin infection, liver disorders, gastric problem, hormonal regulation, general debility, joint pain and many more. Also Read: Licorice, Sweet Deal for Various Ailments

The holistic science of Ayurveda terms this root powder as Yashtimadhu. Time and again this herbal root powder has been mentioned in several ayurvedic scriptures and journals for various indications which include Deepana (enhances stomach fire), Pachana (helps in digestion), Rochana (stimulates appetite), Anulomana (improves breathing), Kashahara (Relieves cough), Vamana (prevents nausea and vomiting), Vayasthapana (prevents ageing), Dahahara (relieves burning sensation), Mehahara (treats urinary tract disorders), Prameha (manages diabetes), Trutahara (relieves excessive thirst), Rasayani (rejuvenates the whole body), Balya (improves muscle strength), Shonitasthapana (prevents bleeding), Pandu (treats anaemia), Sangrahini (treats diarrhoea), Kustha (treats skin disorders), Kamala (prevents jaundice), Varnya (improves complexion), Amahara (treats indigestion), Krimihara (relieves intestinal worms), Jvara (useful in fever), Vrushya (acts as an aphrodisiac), Hridaya (treats heart problems), Chakushya (treats vision problems), Kanthya (improves voice), Shwasha (relieves breathing difficulties), Arsha (treats piles), and Krichra (treats painful micturition).

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Mulethi, you can use mulethi powder to get all these benefits using in different forms:
Mulethi Combats Digestive Issues
The root of Mulethi is very helpful in curing digestive problems like acid reflux, inflammation of the stomach, stomach ulcers, heartburn, acidity and constipation. Mulethi also acts as a mild laxative and regulates bowel movements.

Mulethi has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is why it helps reduce inflammation in the lining of the stomach. In most cases, peptic ulcers are also treated by consuming this herb on a regular basis.

Mulethi Combats Respiratory Infections
Mulethi herb can treat asthma, cough, cold, sore throat and other respiratory ailments. Mulethi has antioxidant properties help to reduce inflammation specifically in the bronchial tubes. Mulethi thins and loosens the mucus inside the airways, this eases coughing and congestion.

Many times, microbes are responsible for the overproduction of mucus which results to coughs and cold, Mulethi can easily clear these microbes due to its anti bacterial properties

Mulethi also aids in curing canker sores because of its mucosa healing and anti-inflammatory properties. According to studies, Mulethi has successfully healed herpes virus to a certain extent. Chewing Mulethi herb can easily fight the virus in our body and strengthen our immune system to a certain extent.

Mulethi Protect Liver
Mulethi helps to treat certain disorders such as liver damage, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis and jaundice. Additionally, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe the liver during hepatitis. Mixing Mulethi in a cup of warm tea twice a day for a couple of weeks can purify the liver and make it immune to diseases.

Mulethi Helps in Weight Reduction
Obesity is a serious condition and is very difficult to reverse. Mulethi helps in weight loss as it contains flavonoids that help to reduce excessive fats accumulated in the body. According to studies, Mulethi oil helps to reduce visceral fat and body fat to a great extent in overweight people.

People who consume Mulethi supplements can experience low-density lipoprotein and a reduction in body mass index (BMI). However, Mulethi or licorice candies should be avoided by an obese person because it contains copious amounts of sugar along with Mulethi.

Mulethi Promotes Oral Health
The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties of Mulethi can also reduce the growth of bacteria which causes cavities, combats bad breath, reduces plaque and keeps the gums and teeth healthy and strong. Dried Mulethi powder can be used to brush our teeth and mouthwash which contains Mulethi can also be used to take care of oral health.

Mulethi For Improves immunity
In most cases, Mulethi is used to improve immunity which is due to the increase in the production of macrophage and lymphocytes. Mulethi helps to prevent microbial infections and improve the defense mechanism of the body. It also aids in reducing immune-related allergy reactions and immunity complications to a certain extent.

.Mulethi For Memory improvement
Consuming the roots of Mulethi can render a supportive effect to the adrenal gland thereby aiding brain stimulation. It not only improves learning but also decreases the effects of amnesia. However, Mulethi should be used under a doctor’s guidance for memory improvement.

Use Mulethi for Hormonal Imbalance
Mulethi roots contain phytoestrogenic compounds which are beneficial for women suffering from moods swings, exhaustion, hot flashes, menopause symptoms and hormonal imbalance problems. It also provides relief from menstrual cramps and regulates the flow during menstruation. This is due to the cortisol production of Mulethi which affects the brain.

There are several ways to use Mulethi which are as follows

For treating skin problems, mix Mulethi powder with rose water or milk. Then, apply it to your face.
You can boil the Mulethi roots in water. Gargle with this lukewarm water to maintain your gum health and protect your teeth from germs.
Furthermore, boil Mulethi in water with 1 teaspoon of tea leaves. Drink this to get relief from nausea.
If you are suffering from sore throat and cough, make yourself a tea by putting 1 teaspoon of tea leaves, Mulethi, 1 teaspoon of ginger juice or grated ginger. Do not add sugar, as the Mulethi will release its sweet taste in water when boiling all of them.
Besides, you can make a concoction by boiling the Mulethi powder and other herbs such as Ashwagandha. You can drink this one cup of solution daily to boost your immune system.
However, if you have a busy schedule and want to avoid the hassle of making all these, you can wash and chew Mulethi sticks if you do not have any issues with its strong taste.

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