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Mako Dana(مکودانہ)


Majuphul|Maju| Mazu,(مازو سبز)

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Borah Armani(بورہ ارمنی,)

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Historically, it was used as an astringent, prescribed against diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhage, etc. Externally, it was used in strengthening plasters, against dislocations of the joints.

Bura Armani is a mineral-based medicine which is also known as Bole Armenia, obtained from the Armenia region of Southwestern Asia. The deposits of borates are found in the form of surface encrustations in the valley floor when exposed to the sun, the borax develops a crust of exfoliated salt which are consists of sodium chloride and sodium sulphate salts. There are two types of Bura Armani, i.e., mineral/natural and artificial. Natural type is derived from mineral origin; a part of it escapes in liquid form and solidifies after exposure to air and artificial type of Bura Armani is made artificially from a mixture of boric acid and sodium carbonate, which is heated. It is also known as Suhaga Tilia, it possesses different properties such as Jali (Detergent), Muhallil-i-auram (Anti-inflammatory), Muhallil-i-riyah (Anti flatulence), Musakkin magas (Analgesic) Jazib (Absorbent), and Qabid (Astringent) etc. Many pharmacological activities mentioned in Unani medicine are validated, and many activities need further exploration due to the immense therapeutic scope in this drug. Overall, clinical trials are needed to confirm these prospective various health advantages of Bura Armani in human subjects and the most efficacious dosage, based on the current body of scientific literature. The current review is designed to give an overview of the preparation, distribution, pharmacological and therapeutic effects of Bura Armani.

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