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Shaqaqul Misri (شقاقل مصری)

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Black Musli(Curculigo orchioides) موصلی سیاہ,کالی موسلی



Health Benefits.

Kali or Shyah-Musali is a powerful herbal medicine used extensively in the traditional Indian system of medicine for its extremely impressive therapeutic qualities. It is an endangered flowering plant species that go with the botanical name Curculigo orchioides and belongs to the Hypoxidaceae family. It is commonly called golden eye-grass, xian mao, weevil-wort (Nepal), Black Musli, Kali Musli and Kali Musali. This herbal plant is native to Nepal, China, Japan, and India and is highly valued as one of the vital Rasayana formulations that offer strength and vitality to the body.

The spermatogenic and aphrodisiac actions of Kali Musli root is beneficial in improving sexual dysfunction. Kali Musli is attributed to have Vrishya (aphrodisiac) and Balya (strength provider) traits which help to correct male sexual problems and promote stamina. It also supports pacifying Vata dosha which aids to enhance sexual drive and increase sperm count. Furthermore, Kali Musli Mutral nature help in treating urinary problems. While its Rasayana (rejuvenating) action may also support liver detoxification.

1:Promotes Male Reproductive Health.

The formulation is indicated for optimising men’s reproductive health. It is bequeathed with a potent spermatogenic action that is beneficial for treating asthenozoospermia (sperm motility), oligospermia (low sperm count), hypospermia (low volume of semen), teratospermia (abnormal sperm shape) and enhances spermatogenesis (sperm production). Aside from these, taking this supplement on a regular basis helps to correct premature ejaculation and improves vitality owing to its Vrishya (aphrodisiac) and Balya (strength provider) characteristics.

2:Remedies Urinary Tract Infection.

Kali Musli is an effective herbal formulation for treating urinary tract infections. According to Ayurveda UTI is referred to as Mutrakcchra, where Mutra denotes ooze, and krichra denotes pain. An imbalance of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) often causes painful micturition. Taking Kali Musli offers relief from the burning sensation and increases urine output due to its diuretic property and diminishes the symptoms of UTI.

3:Augments Liver Health.

Jaundice or any other conditions affecting the liver occur due to an imbalance of Pitta dosha, Kali Musli is a potential medicinal supplement for regulating liver problems like swelling in the liver, jaundice, and poor liver function. Rasayana(rejuvenating) action supports liver detoxification and sustenance of liver health.

4:Women’s Health.

Kali Musli is an amazing herbal medicine suggested for women who are going through menopause. The goodness of bioactive compounds helps to avert osteoporosis and strengthens the muscle mass. Further, it also helps women to overcome leucorrhoea and menorrhagia.

5:Boosts Skin Complexion.

The rhizome of Kali Musli is grounded into a fine paste and applied externally to the skin, which works incredibly well in curing eczema and other skin diseases. It uplifts the skin’s glow and complexion. Additionally, antibacterial traits accelerate wound healing and speed up the healing process.

6:Strengthens Immunity.

Kali Musli is highly effective in improving general debility. The Rasayana nature of this herb supports building a robust immune system and strengthens the body. Moreover, the strong antioxidant property of this herbal medicine slows down the process of ageing and supports the regeneration of new skin cells. It is also used as a key ingredient in many immune-boosting ayurvedic formulations.

Difference Between Safed Musli And Kali Musli.

Musli is categorized into Black and White, each of which exhibits distinct medicinal traits. Safed Musli is largely grown and used for its powerful aphrodisiac nature, while Kali Musli is becoming rare due to its over-exploitation. Safed Musli is used in high proportion as an herbal supplement than Kali Musli.

It is used for treating eye infection.
It is used for treating skin infection and diseases such as Itching, Rashes and Pimples.
It is also used as therapy for glowing skin.
It is also used for treating a number of respiratory disorders such as Cough and Asthma.
It is also useful for various lung disorders such as Bronchitis.
It is also helpful for treating digestive disorders.
It is also useful for treating Stomach disorders such as Vomiting.
It is also useful for gaining and reducing weight.
It is also useful for treating a number of liver disorders such as Jaundice and Biliousness.
It is also useful for healing back and joint pains.
It is also useful for treatment of Piles.
It is also useful for treatment of Gonorrhea.

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